Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Adventure-seeking: Then and Now

I’ve always sought out life’s adventures: skydiving on the weekends, rock climbing, road trips at a moment’s notice, wilderness camping vacations … and if serious camping doesn’t sound adventurous, you haven’t seen the movies (or read the books) where people don’t make it out alive.

I was a woman without fear… until I had a child with no fear. These days my life consists of a different adventure: parenting two young girls, aged 3 and 5.

Instead of training to pack a parachute, now I’m trying to plan the best possible way to get to the grocery store and get over my children’s aversion to food shopping. It's also a personal goal to leave the store with a bag or two of food. Yes, on a few occasions I have abandoned my cart and left the store empty-handed. Well, I guess holding a screaming toddler doesn’t count as empty hands, but you get the idea.

I enjoyed my former life, but I don't miss it ... too much. To my delight (and exhaustion), even the most mundane of days can quickly take a turn into a tale of adventure.   So while the circumstances of my life have changed, the adventures really haven’t. I’ve just got two little people with me along for the ride.

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